This was a fun one to shoot, the Very.co.uk christmas #lovegiving campaign with Baby Spice Emma Bunton.


Working alongside a TV commercial crew always has its challenges in terms of time, logistics and art department, and flying in stills lighting, but it was great to have a really good relationship with the various HODs to make sure that we could all get everything we needed, within the tight schedule. 


One part of the campaign had schoolchildren being invited to choose if they'd rather a gift for themselves, or for one for their mum or dad - who, unknown to them, was watching in the next room! The parents had some great reactions, which I think shows how selflessly the kids chose... shot silently on the Nikon D850, because the cameras were rolling. (We gave the kids their present, too!)


The final part of the campaign was to surprise a competition winner - a young boy whose grandfather's fight with cancer had inspired him to raise money for charity - and it was great to surprise him with his family and friends at his dream birthday party.


Huge thanks to the production team at Storylab, and on the shoots, 1st AD Dom Asbridge, DP Katie Swain, Gaffer Paul Burns and his spark team, Art Magician Sam Waters, and of course Emma and her team!