Adventures Outdoors

I spent a great couple of weeks earlier this year all over the country, shooting a campaign and library of images for the new Scout Adventures brand, making lifestyle images of young people having amazing adventures in the outdoors. 

Scout Adventures have 9 activity centres around the UK, each offering a range of outdoor activities to schools, youth groups, university and corporate groups, and with this campaign we were keen to show the wide range of adventures, and the values held by the organisation - fun, safe adventure, achievements and new experiences. 

It was a real pleasure to be brought on to the project at an early stage, and be able to develop the brief with Scout Adventures, and Art Director Chloe Luxford, to build an authentic feel, and capture natural moments of adventure, celebration and friendship, between the couple of  hundred young people that we involved across the nine days of shoots.

Capturing these moments with the right feel means really getting into the action, so as well as camera and lighting equipment, climbing and rope access equipment, and a waterproof housing, all came into play to make sure that I could put my camera in the right places.

We know that for many young people going away, often for the first time, from home is always an adventure in itself - and that there are lots of other moments of excitement and learning, away from the organised activities. The midnight feasts, helping out with the dinner, staying for the first time in a tent - can all be so exciting.

Being in the outdoors from a young age taught me so much, and has given me so many incredible experiences around the world, that it was wonderful to work with Scout Adventures to help bring young people out of the classroom, and into tents, kayaks, assault courses and up cliffs, and to hopefully inspire them from their residential experiences to want to see more of the world, and find new ways to enjoy our planet.

Photography: Dave Bird
Head Of Creative: Kevin Yeates
Senior Creative: Chloe Luxford
Brand Advisor: Chris James
Production: Tracey Parker
Production: Lyndsey Nassim
Production: Candy Warren
Production Assistant: Gozde Kucuk