Mawaan, clown, comic, performer and presenter, was an absolute blast to shoot for a feature in TenEighty magazine, which specialises in Creators in the UK doing cool things on Youtube.

Mawaan's character is larger than life, dramatic and fast-paced and exciting, and it was great for us to work together to get the most out of him as possible, in a few different setups, and for a range of different crops.

We also wanted to show Mawaan out of his over the top character - he recently presented a BBC documentary.

I mainly used a profoto proglobe, an an arri 1K fresnel light for the shoot. The Arri fresnel is a movie and theatre light, and gives a lovely soft edged spot light, and a theatrical performance feel - the combination worked really well on the red curtain at our location, a stage in a Lambeth pub. 

TenEighty's piece is online:

Photos: Dave Bird

Makeup: Suzanne Smith

Commissioner: Teoh Lander-Boyce