TenEighty Yearbook

It was great to collaborate with TenEighty Magazine to photograph dozens of talented creators in the UK Youtube community

We set up three studios backstage at the biggest event for Youtube creators in the UK, Summer In The City

There's no subject not covered by the amazing Youtube community, and it was super important for us to really show personality and individual creativity in each and every portrait.

I had an amazing team with encyclopedic knowledge of everything Youtube, and it was great to quickly get to know so many creators, and work with them to build a concept for their shoot.

Thanks so much to all of the creators who got involved with our crazy plans, and gave me so much of their personality and performance, which makes the whole yearbook show the diverse and amazing creators we have in the UK!

The whole set form a beautifully designed 36 page yearbook, complete with awards, online here.


Photography: Dave Bird

Assistants: Joel Wood, Lia Hatzakis, Chris Foxx

Producers: Alex J Brinnand and Teoh Lander-Boyce