Cubs 100

It all starts with the Grand Howl.

It's earsplitting. 

The Cubs crouch down.

"Cubs do your best"

Then there's always a game. Always.

Cub Scouting turns 100 years old today. I, and millions of other people around the world, wore the neckerchief, chewed the cuffs of the green jumper, and screamed once a week that I would do my best.

Cubs are boys and girls, aged 8-10. It's a special age. There's none of the pressures or complications in life of exams or growing up. You're still becoming the person you'll be as a teenager, exploring the world, having fun. You've mastered conversation, but have a wonderful view of the world. You fall, you bounce, pick yourself up and run off.

This year, Cubs have had the 'Wildest birthday ever'. Adventurer and naturalist Steve Backshall swung in to help celebrate.

The first time I met Steve, one moment sticks with me. In the middle of the chaos, some Cubs found 'ewww it's the biggest spider ever!'. Steve rushed over, and I got to see the real Steve - he switched straight out of photoshoot, into naturalist mode. 'Well you see this is actually a harvestman...'. The Cubs were enthralled. 


From Blackpool Pleasure Beach, to London Zoo and the houses of parliament, 160,000 cubs have been celebrating everywhere...

All Scout leaders are volunteers. Lots of groups have a waiting list and not every young person who wants to have the adventure of being a Cub can do so. The only way for this to change is for more adults to get involved. It's one of the most rewarding, fun and amazing volunteering opportunities out there, and there's no experience needed.

It's about the midnight feast of the haribo your mum hid in the bottom of your bag. It's about the wandering through the woods on camp without an adult telling you what to do. It's about the burned marshmallows. It's about the vitally important game of football against the other Cub pack in the village. It's about the arts and crafts and badges you do for an hour and a half every wednesday evening.

So Happy Birthday, Cubs. You helped make me me, and have done the same for millions of other people around the world. Always endeavoured to do their best. And had a whole lot of fun.