Event Photography Awards

Last night the Event Photography Awards 2015 were held at the Barbican Centre, and I was fortunate to do quite well!

Judged by producers, events managers, photography agency owners and a whole host of the great and good of the events industry, the awards look for images that really capture a moment that tells a story of the whole event.

First up, my image of two incredibly excited scouts at the opening of Asker 2014, an international jamboree for thousands of Scouts and Guides, was awarded Highly Commended in the Cultural Events category. You can see my set of pictures from the amazing week that I spent photographing Asker here

Early on the morning of London Pride, a colourful and energetic festival and parade through central London, I had just picked up my accreditation and got the tube back to meet my PR client. I was tired and saw a raucous party waiting to board, and so almost avoided them completely - I was tired, it was an early start, and I had a long day ahead!

But I jumped in the carriage with them, and appreciated the bizarre situation of a group dressed largely in gold chains(!) and asked if I could take a few pictures. As I was doing this, a lady's friend pushed her forwards quickly, and screamed 'it's her birthday, give her a dance'!

The revellers were delighted to oblige!  giving me this incredible moment that's so different to so many of the amazing images that we see of Pride every year.

This picture won the Event Photography: Cultural Events category, and also runner-up (2nd!) in the overall Event Photography Awards!

It'd be amazing to send the guys having a blast in the picture a print, with the press and social media I've had following the award, I really hope that they get in touch!

I work with big brands to capture amazing moments from events, bring experiential campaigns to the wider world, and produce beautiful photography for marketing and advertising. I'd love it if you took a look...! 

Picture with thanks to  Paul Clarke

Picture with thanks to Paul Clarke