Every Day Carry

I'm lucky to get about quite a bit, and there's a few things that I've put together as a bit of an 'every day carry' kit that just make life so much easier.

You almost certainly have most of these things already, but for me the real value in having a kit like this is that it's always packed and ready to go, in one place - so it's well worth buying a few duplicates.

The absolute most useful gadget is my iphone of course - but if I'm going somewhere, this kit goes with me too...

Going down starting top left:

A long lightning cable, for those irritating hotel rooms where the sockets are a million miles from the bed

Two different audio cables, jack to phono, and jack to jack - so you can always hook your phone up to a rental car, minibus or van

Micro USB cable - charges quite a few things, and can be useful if you know anyone who has an android phone?! 

Anker power pack - big beefy USB battery that can juice an iphone several times over. I've found this brand's kit to be really excellent.

Bluetooth speaker - small, loud, has a built in battery that lasts forever. So much better than the speaker in your phone.

Best thing I've ever built - a plug with three figure 8 wires coming out of it. Nowhere sells them, but it's super useful and I've standardised all of my chargers to have a figure 8 inlet - you could of course wire in different connectors if need be

Canon G7x - astonishingly good point and shoot camera. Full manual control, a very short shutter delay, good in low light, great stabilisation, shoots raw photos, has a built in wifi so you can send your pics to your phone for instagram.  It's like....really, really good.

USB 5 way charger - 5 high power ports to charge all your stuff. Size of a pack of cards. Super neat. 

Natwest bank transfer card reader thing - they're free so I've got a few. Never know who you're going to need to send some cash to.

USB AA battery charger and two eneloop AAs - dead useful. 

Multi continental plug adapter with two USB sockets - charge your stuff abroad, and a backup for the USB 5 way charger. Make sure to also pack a backup extra adapter on top of this one, just in case!

Another lightning cable - backups and just always useful. They're like £6 each, buy a few! I've found that the Amazon Basics ones are infinitely better than the really rubbish Apple ones.

A spare figure 8 cable as a backup, and again helps in hotel rooms with no plug sockets anywhere near the bed...

Head torch - light that you can have without having to hold something. Or you can hang it up or put it around something. The whole alpkit range are great, I've got a couple of these and they've seen all sorts of weather.

Plug block

Backup headphones - ever had a long trip and your headphones have broken or gone missing? Sucks so much. These are a backup that live in the kit just in case that happens...

Finally on my keys so with me the entire time, there's a Gerber Shard, and a big capacity usb 3.0 key.


A few people who I've travelled with have asked about this kit, so there it is. Any suggestions or other ideas for things that have got you out of a bind would be super helpful...