The Olympics

The Olympics were pretty brilliant. 

I had several genuinely friendly conversations with strangers on the tube. 

I directed a multicam video of part of the live stage show celebrating the torch relay as it passed through Derby. 

I got to go to the first day of the Athletics in the Olympic Stadium, as a spectator and with my family. This was the day that Jess Ennis would start on her string of amazing successes. 

As we came into the Olympic Stadium, the sheer scale was simply astounding. I'm not normally one for organised sports, and I've only ever been in (empty) stadiums for work, so the sheer size was mind-blowing. 


I'm pretty sure that the steeplechase is actually just a game to see how wet they can get the snapper's remote cameras


The first time that I saw this building, some months before the games, I genuinely pulled out my phone and googled 'crane accident olympic park'. It's bizarre.  


Amazingly, throughout the whole games we were pretty lucky with the weather - though we did have a slight spattering. 


I didn't want to be sitting around snapping all day - there's very little point in doing so from the crowd, especially when there's so many incredibly talented people doing so with great access - so took a 35 and an 85, and just cropped in massively when I wanted reach. Gotta love the Nikon D800.