I went to Dublin for a bit with Jules Mattsson, a news photographer friend. and general journalist type.

We got the train there, which is a neat combined ticket for the train and the ferry - at just £35 each way from anywhere in the UK! It's called SailRail and works neatly - though make sure that you collect both your out and return travel from a machine in the UK - there aren't any in Ireland!


It's a nice city, and great countryside if you step outside the city, which is pretty easy on the bus or train.


I climbed a tree. Of course I climbed a tree. Jules wasn't quite so good at it though. 


We were treated to some stunning land and cityscapes, and I love this shot looking back out at around 3am: 


The worst bit of travel is always the leaving, but this was a nice ending, as we left on the ferry - ready for a long wait at Holyhead (if you run you can catch the pizza shop before it closes! Go left up the hill once you go up the stairs, rather than going to the kebab shop) before several trains - including a delightful Arriva train where, if for some unfortunate reason you wanted to stop in the middle of wales, you have to request that the driver stops!