Caught In The Headlights

My friends Karl Poyser (a director of photography) and Christopher Bevan (a director) were shooting a short film called 'Caught In the Headlights', about a cab driver who has the worst night of his life. 

They had some great support during their kickstarter campaign, and were one of the very first projects in the UK to shoot with the Canon C300 - a fantastic large chip camcorder, with brilliant pictures and low light performance. Karl chose the C300 because of the nature of the film, which required a large number of scenes shot in very minimal light - and without a budget for flying huge lights in on cherry pickers. 

With three nights of photography, the film was shot across several locations, with a small cast, and a brilliant crew who were great to work with, even at 4am when it was rather cold!


Our main character, a taxi driver, isn't in for a good night - in part thanks to this lot:


One shot involved heavy breaking for a car interior shot - I've never seen Karl as tense as when during the two takes that we shot, as the suction caps held £15k's worth of kit to the bonnet! 


The C300 and CP2 lenses, all supplied by Shootblue gave a really stunning picture - even with all of the point sources of light in-shot, which would have caused nasty flare with some stills lenses.  


Our sound guy Phil always got the best, most comfortable jobs! 


You can watch the finished film here, it's won several awards, and was a great project to be a part of: