"Happy New Year"

A DP friend karl Poyzer asked me to come and gaffer (light) a short film that he was working on, shooting over 4 days in locations around Nottingham. 

Something a bit different, but still playing with light, and a really great crew, it was great to be able to finally work with Karl - the last few things he's asked me to work on I've been booked - and spend a few days lighting. 

The first day's location was a hospital bed in a medical clinic: Karl wanted a real pool of light to draw attention to the bed, so I rigged a Kino Diva overhead with Arri and Dedo lights giving us some extra highlights where needed.


The location the next day was a school, where we had around 20 fantastic child extras from a local TV and acting school come along:  


The scales in the rather smelly butcher's shop for the next location told us that the camera that Karl was using, the Arri Alexa, comes in at around £12,000 a kilo! 


Our lead actor, Luca, was an abslute star - nailing basically every take, and getting brilliantly into character even in pretty tough conditions - including the sauna that this bedroom turned into after a few hours of having crew, cast and lights in, with a foiled window!

The camera department got all shy when shooting outdoors... 


And while crouching in a bath, chating to DoP Karl and Camera Operator Joe, about whether I had enough orange on the HMI sat 5m up in the air outside the window, I even managed a selfie in the camera lens.


The fillm was funded by the Jewish Film Council, and will be premiered later this year.