Bits of Aeroplanes

John Fry, who's a great steadicam operator and video producer brought me onto a job with Ouno Creative shooting a corporate video for an Aerospace company.

Starting at their HQ in Derby, we travelled to sites across the UK and Europe, in a hectic couple of weeks, to produce a video as well as my accompanying stills, updating the company's image library. 


Around 24 hours in each of Toulouse and Poland presented the usual fun challenges of travel, including two ryanair flights (which I don't normally have a problem with - but delays, not being able to land or take off because of the wrong kind of fog, late nights, wheels falling off our air replacement buses, and of course, the archaic but barely enforced hand luggage restrictions all added up...)  


The detail, hand attention to even the smallest parts, and traceability of every single part was amazing. 

Much of what was actually going on was hidden behind guards and covers on the huge CNC and milling machines, that cut the individual parts with incredible precision, but we were able to jib John's camera over some to give a new perspective. The ultra slow-motion on his Sony FS700 gave some great shots of the milling too.

John's video is below, and even receive a standing ovation when shown to executives from the company!